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About Us

Overview, Mission and Vision, History


The Group of Companies is a federally incorporated. It was formally established in 2008 with the goal of forming a unified. Muslim business networking organization in Karachi Pakistan. The Group of Companies named Nukshbund Traders, A S Pure Masala & Anabia Mehndi consists of various regional chapters all unified by one national umbrella organization. The head office in KARACHI - PAKISTAN

Mission and Vision

In the light of the local efforts to accelerate economic development, highlighting the relation between feasibility studies and the economic growth is essential. Economic literature as well as contemporary experience of the conditional correlation between adhering to the approach of preparing feasibility studies for the industrial factories before their setting up, and the rate of growth realized not only in the industrial sector, but in the economy as a whole. It is true that the growth depends on available economic resources, but the economic efficiency depends on the method of allocating these resources. This is the core of the feasibility study's importance because it aims at realizing the maximum efficiency in using the available resources. Our goal is to develop a network of powerful Muslim businesses dedicated not only to OIC blocks business success, but also the active participation of world wide businesses in the greater business community. As advocates for our country, and our religion, Islam, we hope to contribute to an environment where Muslim

businesses can thrive and make a positive contribution to Karachi Pakistan. It is our hope that the Muslim community will derive direct and indirect benefit from the activities of the Khizer Group of Companies through assistance in infrastructure development, public education and advocacy.


The idea of forming a Khizer Group of Companies networking organization has been around for many years and has been discussed in informal settings since the 2008s. In 2018, the Nukshbund Traders, A S Pure Masala & Anabia Mehndi was formed in Karachi Pakistan.

It is playing a key role in the strengthening of the economic relations among business circles of the world wide. The purpose of the portfolio is to use the subscribed capital to finance trade among member countries, and to undertake leasing and equity operation. All capital and non-capital goods assets acceptable from the financing. The portfolio however possesses Feasibility in terms of coverage. For further information on these Feasibility, please contact the Khizer Group of Companies.

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